Ultimate Anime Collection!

Animes, with their awe inspiring animation, mind boggling plot lines and intense characters have always fascinated everyone from kids to adults. This awesome list of merchandise designed by is for all you “Just one more episode before I sleep!” folks to help you flaunt your anime love with style! Find them all on paintcollar.com

1. Death Note
Probably the most common “starter anime”, Death Note tells the story of the ultimate moral battle between good and evil fought by two geniuses and a sneaky apple loving Shinigami.

Death Note by Arjun Arunkumar
Death Note by Hemant Parmar
L by Achal Jadhav
I-shinigami by Kushagra Singh 

2. Naruto

A legendary manga and anime series, Naruto is an absolute must watch for all anime lovers.

Uzumaki Naruto by Gaurav Rukhana
Itachi Uchiha by Pradyumna
Tobirama Senju by Pradyumna

3. Full Metal Alchemist

Lots of action, alchemy, laughs and intense emotion make Full Metal Alchemist an instant fan favourite!

Fullmetal Alchemist by Rohit Malhotra
Elric Brothers by Gaurav Rukhana
Homunculus by Kushagra SIngh

4. One Piece

If pirates and colourful characters are your thing, the adventures of Captain Monkey D. Luffy in his search for the legendary One Piece treasure is exactly what you need!

One Piece by Kushagra Singh


One Piece by Kushagra Singh 

5. Bleach

Soul Reapers, magic swords, intense fight scenes . What more do you want?

Kurasaki Ichigo by Gaurav Rukhana 
Bleach by Kushagra Singh 

6. Attack On Titan

Definitely the most mindblowing anime in recent times, Attack On Titan shows humanity’s fight against giant monsters known as Titans.

Attack on Titan by Kushagra Singh 

7. Dragonball-Z

Dragonball – Z was everybody’s favourite anime when you were a kid! Admit it, you’ve tried to go Super Saiyan at least once!

Quentin’s DBZ by Arjun Arunkumar
Sir Saiyan by Kushagra Singh 

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