How to Never Lose your Keys !



If you’ve ever ordered a poster from Paintcollar, we are guessing you are familiar to the postertubes that get sent to you. These reliable mailingtubes help us deliver the amazing masterpieces by artists and designers to our customers, safely. In more than one ways poster tubes are the unsung heroes, till the time they serve their purpose, but what after that ?

We immediately dispose these off. Or if you are like us you probably just keep them aside hoping the artist in you might want to use it some day to create something awesome. Well folks, today is the day you get to do that. Paintcollar presents to you a step by step guide on how poster tubes can be useful for more than just carrying posters.


How to prepare a Keyholder using Poster Tubes


Step 1
Gather your troops


Step 1

Rip off all the excess tapes or labels on the tubes. Yes this means taking of the Paintcollar label too but we are willing to bear the bullet for the sake of art.









Step 2
March forward


Step 2

Roughly start drawing out the border design you would want to have on your final product. Don’t go pro with a marker from step 2 itself, start safe with a pencil. Etch out your design, may be look for some references on the internet.


Good artists copy, great artists steal.”
– Pablo Picasso





Step 3
Maintain formation

Step 3

Now that you have finalised your design, make it permanent with a marker.

We at Paintcollar love the minimal & simplistic approach, hence this border design worked best for us.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
-Leoanrdo DaVinci

Step 4
Aim at the enemy







Step 4
Here comes everyone’s favourite part.

Colour away !

Normal Sketch pens will do the trick.

Pro Tip: Try out the colours on the inner part of the tube first to understand how exactly will the colour look on the tube.







Step 5
And fire !



Step 5
Brace yourselves, this part requires two main items-

a.Board Pins
b.Strength to push the board pins through those tubes. 😛

Mark your holes on the tubes using a pencil at equal distances from each other, or in any specific pattern you may want.

And then try and attain the results shown in the picture →

Step 6
Victory is ours.









Step 6
The moment you have been waiting for. An awesome key holder.

This makes a perfect insta-moment.

Share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging @paintcollar, and we will feature your art on our next blog.

We sincerely hope you wont be losing anymore keys from now on.


Now that you’ve built your key holder, and want to try out more creative DIY projects with Poster Tubes, check out this blog. We’re sure you will love the various ways we have shown, in which you can utilize this piece of cylindrical cardboard, and make it useful again.

Go #CreativityMax with Poster Tubes



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