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Shiva, Mahadev, Mahesh, Nataraj – the God of Destruction in Indian mythology is known by many names and is one of the most revered Gods in Indian culture. People of all ages have been fascinated by the powerful, marijuana smoking hermit. Shiva’s depiction throughout history as a warrior, dancer, protector and destroyer has made Him an icon in India’s pop culture.

Our motto at Paintcollar has always been “Connecting Art With Lifestyle”. In this epic collection, we bring you astounding Shiva artworks across a wide range of high quality products like T-shirts, phone cases, laptop skins and poster prints. Carry your culture and heritage with you in ways that are fashionable and sure to make heads turn!

Shiva, by Shehzad Kapadia

tshirt 4 (1)
Available as a T-shirt, phone case, poster, laptop skin and canvas print.


SHiva phone case for blog
Available as a phone case, T-shirt, poster, laptop skin and canvas print.

Lord Shiva is embraced and loved for what he represented and that destruction (or death) is the ultimate conclusion of all living beings on this planet. It’s amazing how the God of destruction according to Indian mythology, is considered to be the ‘coolest’ Indian God today. Check out more of our amazing Shiva artworks on our blog – This kickass tshirt has been designed by @shehzadoodle and is being flaunted by our proud customer @moonline29 Bam bholey nath. #shiva #godofdestruction #shivam #death #awesome #fanpic #fanoftheweek #cutegirl #meluha #thirdeye #weed #bumbholenath #smokeup #tshirtoftheday #tshirtlove #cutechick #vscocam #vscogram #vsco_hub #vscoindia #mumbaikar #mumbaiigers #paintcollar

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Shiva, by Satyaki Sarkar

Shiva 2
Available as a phone case, poster and canvas print.

Mahadev, by Jagriti Mishra

spiritual 8

Shiva_wildsoul, by Meghnath Maity

spiritual 6

God of Destruction, by Midhaven

tshirt 4
Available as a T-shirt and a poster.

Om Namah Shivaay, by Vinay Saroya

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Shiva, by Priyadarshi Ankit

shiva 2

Shiva, by Sanjay Sharma

Available as a poster and canvas print.

Mahadev, by desiGuy

Shiva 3 1
Available as a laptop skin, T-shirt and phone case.

Om, by RJ Artworks

Best of 8

Shiva Friday Forever, by Tejeshwar Prasad

shiva ads 3                                                available as T-shirt, Hoodie, Phonecase and poster

Lord Shiva, by PradeeshK

Available as a poster, laptop skin and canvas print.

Om Namah Shivaya, by Smeet K. G.

SHiva 5
Available as phone case, T-shirt, poster, laptop skin and canvas print.

Artist of the week – Paintcollar is a marketplace for upcoming artists. Artists with bag loads of artistic talents upload their artworks and we try and sell their masterpieces to the world in various forms. If it isn’t for these artists and their hard work, we wouldn’t be half as big as we are today. So we would like to start this new section called – Artist of the week, where we dedicate a shout out every day to all our amazing artists. Thank you all. Our artist of the week this week is the talented painter + dentist @smeetgusani . Most of his masterpieces are done using acrylics , and have string sense of personal perspective in them. His paintings show he paints what he sees around , and more importantly how he sees it. Breathtaking use of colours give his artworks a vibrant touch, and can be great posters for your living rooms. . Find his amazing artworks here – #artwork #art #ARTIST #GRAPHICDESIGN #awesome #artistsoninstagram #instartist #zen #concentration #illustrations #lordshiva #creativity #artistoftheweek #painting #india #spiritualjourney #beautiful #meditation #artistic #soul #shiva #wisdom #god #thirdeye #ganja #bhambolenath #shiv #phonecase #droolyapp #artistoftheweek

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Shiva, by Abrodeep Mukherjee

Shiva Laptop SKin
Available as a laptop skin.

Angry Shiva, by Shivaay


                            available as T-shirt,coffee mug, seamless bandana, laptop skin and phonecase

Lord Shiva in the Cafe, by Jagriti Mishra

shiva 3

The King, by Kushal Chatterjee


Shambhu, by Rahul Singh

Available as a T-shirt.


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