Reptilian Death

Paintcollar’s very first featured band is Reptilian Death, a cult death metal band from Mumbai. Started as a solo project by Demonstealer Sahil Makhija (Demonic Resurrection, Workshop, Headbanger’s Kitchen), Reptilian Death released its first EP ” 5 Easy Ways To Murder Someone” in May 2001. A mix of death metal and grindcore, the songs had a humorous twist to them.

In November 2001 Reptilian Death become a complete band with Demonstealer taking over drum and vocal duties. The Razzberry Rhino was home to their first gig. The band received praise for their high energy performance and intense set. After hitting the college circuit, RD released “Nursery Rhymes for Satan’s Children” in 2003. After several line up changes, Reptilian Death’s much awaited album titled ‘Total Annihilation’ released in July 2004 followed by another EP, ‘Intestinal Feast’ in 2005.

The Dawn of Consumation and Emergence album artwork

“Dawn of Consumation and Emergence” was a full length album released in 2013. It received critical praise as a death grind album and RD shared the Best Band award at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2014. The amazing album artwork was created by Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc. RD has also taken their live act to a new level with the hooded costumes and singer Vinay Venkatesh (Bhaynak Maut) sporting face paint.

Reptilian Death live at Deathfest

Reptilian Death is also out with a brand new T-shirt! As usual, the artwork is fantastic and the print is superb! You can get yours at

RD T-shirt artwork
RD T-shirt
RD T-Shirt on Paintcollar



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