Artists Troll Mahesh Sharma In An Epic Way For Claiming Peacocks Do Not Need To Have Sex To Reproduce


Have you ever wondered how PEACOCKS are made??

We all know since childhood that it is THE “National Bird of India”. Peacocks are famous all over the world for their magnificence and the elegance of their monsoon dance that can render all beholders astonished. But this time, the Peacocks are not only the talk of the town but the entire country, all thanks to the Former Rajasthan High Court Judge Mr. Mahesh Sharma who claimed them to be “Life Long Celibate” and further raising a controversy about their sexuality by making the statement “Peacock is a Bramhachari and it does not have sex with a peahen. The peahen gets pregnant drinking the tears of the peacock.”

Seems like someone blamed his own tears of retirement to a peacock’s act of copulation, doesn’t it!? And with this started off the inevitable social media uproar about sex life of Peacocks. The artists grabbed their pens and papers to create their own hilarious takes on the entire episode. Paintcollar came across pretty good great artworks which we have compiled here for you.

1-Male Tears For You Know What!! 😉 by Vagabomb

male tears anime

2-Dirty 😕 Talk


Creator Unknown

3- This Tweet by Bramhachari Peacock


5- Dealing With Harassment By Orijit Senorjitsen

4- Peacock Are Crocodiles Now By NDTV Good Times


5-EYEPILL (Creator Unknown)


6-Peacock Tears By Aaron Pinto


7-“Mor” About Law By SatishAcharya

family planning


And for those of you who are genuinely curious, here’s an actual video of a crying peacock!





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