Paintcollar’s 20 Bestselling Designs Of 2016


As the year wraps up, we at Paintcollar took some time out to reflect on the top selling designs of 2016. Here are the year’s bestselling artworks along with the fabulous artists who created them. Feel free to explore their artworks and share your thoughts!

20. Shiva In Trance, by Being Indian

Number 20 on our top 20 list is this awesome artwork by Being Indian. This one depicts Shiva in peaceful and trance like meditation.


19. Maarlebro, by Fayyaz B

Wordplay on a popular cigarette brand comes with an important post script – Piyega toh marega!


18. Sivan – 3rd Vision, by HKB

The mystic concept of the third eye has entranced many since ancient times. Some say it will turn the world to ashes. Others say opening it is a sign of true enlightenment. All we know is that this artwork by HKB is simply kickass!


17. Tinder With Beer, by Divyansh Gupta

You like beer. Beer likes you. Match made in heaven. Get a room you two!


16. El Patrone, by High & Above

Inspired by the hit series Narcos, artist High & Above creates this tribute piece with a Godfather-esque twist to it!


15. Girl And Her Dog, by Abhijeet Sinha

This adorable artwork melted the heart of every animal lover who saw it. Flowers, pretty colours, pets and happy vibes to put a smile on your face!


14. Quentin’s DBZ, by Arjun Arunkumar

Arjun Arunkumar, or Mashup Master as he is known in the Paintcollar office, delivers a killer artwork that fans of Quentin Tarantino and Dragonball Z went crazy over this year


13. Smokémon, by Being Indian

Ever imagined Pikachu as a joint smoking Jamaican? Team Being Indian’s eccentric imagination literally made us burst out laughing when we saw it and it looks like our fans did too.


12. Kabali Magizhchi, by PICT

2016’s most highly anticipated movie had fans in an absolute frenzy. This tribute artwork to Thalaiva by PICT won the hearts of fans across the nation.


11. The King, by Kushal Chatterjee

Kushal Chatterjee takes Jon Snow’s popular title from Game of Thrones and applies it to something closer to home. Well, he does make a point and the magnificent depiction does full justice to the title.


10. Meditating Shiva, by Shivaay

This intense artwork was created by our in house design team as official merchandise for the movie Shivaay. The eyes, mandala, elements and pattern are elements you can lose yourself in.


9. Wise Old Owl, by Cuboidesign

This psychedelic owl by Cuboidesign has left trippers around the country hypnotized and has quickly become a fan favourite.


8. Mahadev, by Jagriti Mishra

Jagriti Mishra’s illustration of a sadhu smoking a chillum astride a motorcycle has dropped many a jaw since it went live on Paintcollar. In just 2 months, it has already shot up to feature in our top 20 bestsellers list.


7. Big Fat Panda, by Champ

This Kung Fu Panda inspired artwork is the perfect T-shirt for gifting your fluffy friends!


6. Buddha Art, by Anil Kumar Mandal

No artwork on Paintcollar has moved people so much and got us such overwhelming feedback as “Buddha Art” by Anil Kumar Mandal. It gives off a calming and peaceful vibe and the balance of colours is just right. The phone case and canvas print in particular look just magnificent.


5. Dragon Warrior by Samarth

Pandas stole the show this year as Paintcollar’s (and the world’s?) most popular animal. Samarth illustrates this epic line from Kung Fu Panda in this bestselling phone case artwork.


4. Shiva, by Satyaki Sarkar

Satyaki Sarkar brings a different dimension to Shiva with this oil painting. This is one of the artworks on Paintcollar that prominently features Shiva’s third eye and cobra.


3. Mahadev, by Desiguy

Yet another Shiva on our list is by Desiguy. This artwork depicts Shiva striking a majestic pose as he marches towards his goal.


2. Shiva, by Shehzad Kapadia

Shehzad’s Shiva became an instant hit as soon as it was launched on Paintcollar. Shehzad’s vector artwork using geometric shapes is a unique style he can call his own. The immense success of this design also spawned a Shiva 2.0 version.


1. No, You Do It, by High & Above

High & Above is the moniker under which Abhilash Baddha, a third year engineering student from Pune, sells his artwork. Abhilash’s designs really strike a chord with our audiences because of his unparalleled sense of humour. Perhaps that’s why he is our best selling artist of 2016.



So those are Paintcollar’s top 20 bestsellers for 2016! Tell us what you think about them in comments or by messaging us on social media. Hope you folks had a great year. If not, 2017 will definitely be better!



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