30 Instagram Artists From India You Should Follow

Our country being the cultural melting pot that it is, bursts at the seams with some absolutely phenomenal creative talent. From typography to intricate doodles to abstract paintings or illustrations – our Instagram feed is packed with some pretty intense artistic eye-candy. Since our team loves to keep up with the art scene in India and see the youth of the country make their creative talent their best weapon against the possibility of a mundane reality, this week we’ve curated a list of 30 such gifted individuals for you to follow on Instagram. Whether you’re an artist or an enthusiast, their work is sure to inspire you.

1. @gumanib
Gumani’s Instagram takes us through the pages of her journal, full of charming little sketches inspired by strong elements of the natural world – they’re detailed yet possess a sense of simplicity and we absolutely love it. Also, lots of pictures of her adorable Beagle – definitely a plus.

2. @kneethee
Two things – a) We love a good pun (her name’s Neethi) and b) We love clean cut, vibrant illustrations with a new age vibe, and that’s exactly what she gives us.

3. @inkpxint
Artist Amna Jamal sketches are bold, vibrant and possess strong feminine tones. A lot of her work is up on her Tumblr where her versatility as an artist is on display.

4. @iamraih
Raih’s sketches are the perfect fuse of the realities of everyday along with the surrealist human imagination. Sometimes dark yet always thought provoking – her work’s a real treat.

Raih shares her thoughts about artists in India “I found so many amazing artists on Instagram itself. They don’t exactly belong to the gallery space kind of category of fine arts (it’s a false notion also) – you may call them ‘indie’ in that sense. But it’s a tremendous amount of talent.”

5. @doodleodrama
Mounica’s feed will give you your daily dose of rainbows and sunshine. As her username suggests, she’s a hardcore, happy doodler. Infused with light humor, vibrant colors and chubby faces – her artwork is fun-loving and we can’t get enough of it.

“How does it feel to be an artist in this country? Well, it’s fun-tastic. We are such a colorful bunch of people, don’t you think? I just wish lesser things were banned and artists got more visibility and appreciation.”
Well, for the last bit, Paintcollar has got your back!

6. @curiosity_killsthecat
We can’t help but envy these pro doodlers – ‘cause while we’re here ‘doodling’ stick figures, they’re creating magic. One such artist is Reshmi Shekhar – her intricate little drawings are largely inspired by pop culture and the urban lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.00.17 pm

“I think it’s really important to give time to doing what you love.. I’ve always loved to doodle so that’s how CKTC started for me I guess. And there’s nothing quite like clubbing your job with what you’re passionate about smile emoticon As an artist it’s necessary to have a strong sense of self discipline. Being an artist in India is not as hard as it used to be, art is a lot more appreciated and encouraged nowadays. and with social media you have a large outreach!”, says Reshmi

7. @asfasabrin
Assam based artist Asfa is truly blessed with some phenomenal artistic abilities. Her feed gives us an insight into her beautiful imagination – something a lot of us may have, but aren’t lucky enough to be able to recreate on paper.

Asfa says “I don’t know what I would be if I couldn’t add the artist tag to my introduction. I come from a small town in Asam, which means getting inspiration and recognition is just about as difficult as it gets. But the universe has been kind to me in that respect and I’m really grateful for the opportunities and for all the love and support.”

8. @meghasingha
Megha’s work is dark, mystical and grows on you in the best way possible. Her sketches have strong dream-like vibes and her photographs are nothing short of stunning, almost-whimsical paintings. We won’t say more – we’ll let her art do the talking.

9. @motatoburger
Pranav Mote is a freelance graphic designer who clearly oozes with creativity in the most versatile ways possible – from minimalist logos, to realistic watercolour doodles to food typography (you’ll know what we’re on about), he’s got it covered.

“I usually travel and get more inspired and influenced by nature and come back to work more, it keeps me alive”.

10. @drumsher
Yet another artist who makes all the visual magic seem so effortless – and we’re talking about someone who’s been sketching for just about a year, only to cope with exam pressure. Delhi based artist Ransher Singh takes us through every page of his journal and allows us to see the world from his perspective being recreated on paper using nothing but a single black pen. He’s slowly starting to venture into the world of colour and we must say, it’s working out pretty damn well.

Here’s what he has to say about life as an artist: “Honestly it’s tough to be an artist anywhere in the world. Delhi is no exception. There is an endless supply of crazy art and a demand to match that. I don’t have that kind of exposure as of now so I’ve barely gotten any orders. But that’s the fun part because it serves as an incentive for me to create more.”

11. @fuckran
Artist Furqan Jawed makes cool things. His designs are largely in the form of vibrant posters and as is evident from his feed, there is a lot of experimentation with fonts that yield some pretty awesome end results. His artwork’s witty, clean-cut and fresh – so are his photographs.

12. @ankita.t
Ankita Thakur’s Instagram is her visual diary where she records little instances from her life using her sketchbook and watercolor palette. Her little hand-drawn illustrations are subtle yet lively with summery tones and delightful typography.

13. @pragunagarwal
Got a tough project coming up? Need help finding yourself? Or just need a dose of motivation? Head over to Pragun’s feed and you’ll find what you’re looking for. He specializes in creating stunning typography – brush lettering specifically – all the while incorporating it into inspirational little messages that would make anybody’s day.

About the art scene in India Pragun says “I feel the art scene in India is constantly growing and diversifying. Indian artists are creating a nice balance between their roots and the modern styles/techniques.”

14. @kaidiaathsopaanch
Here’s an artist whose definitely has her way with colours and textures. A lot of her artworks are centered around themes of nature and also heavily inspired by music.

15. @swineflew_who
Arushi Kathuria is definitely not afraid of colour. Her work is vibrant, bold and so full of energy you can nearly feel it buzz around you. You could call her work psychedelic, you could call it abstract, but whatever it is – it’s pretty freakin’ great.

16. @thebigfatminimalist
Bombay based graphic artist Aniruddh Mehta is one of the more popular artists on our feature this week! His work is vivid, dynamic and buzzing with good vibes. Go further down his feed and his photographs gets darker, more surreal and just all ‘round stunning.

17. @seductive_eyeopener.studios
Aditya Verma’s acrylic paintings are abstract and thought provoking, each with a strong message or story behind it. They’re expressive in the most unique and almost transcendental ways. His work is usually accompanied by beautiful quotes or messages that capture the essence of the paintings.

“Being an artist in India is a David vs Goliath situation. Change is hard to conjure, and so is hope. But one has to hope, and with belief in one’s art, they can do anything that they can imagine. The art scene in India is going through another phase of turmoil. No clarity exists. Overexposure to different forms of art has given rise to a new and beautiful amalgamation of every art form into performance art.”

18. @__shinobi__
Beautifully detailed and absolutely magical, this Pune based artist’s sketches are inspired by strong female elements and various aspects of the natural environment.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.09.20 pm

19. @jasjyotjasjyot
Inspired by fashion, pop culture and comics, Jasjyot Singh Hans is an artist who is blessed with the ability to capture the nuances of human expression and body language in his illustrations. His attention to detail and ability to express strong emotion through his work is absolutely commendable.

20. @danger.cat
Bangalore based artist Sonali Zohra is definitely someone who quite evidently pays attention to and finds beauty in the little, often overlooked elements of her environment. Inspired by nature and wildlife, her work is a good mix of dark tones and vibrant liveliness. She often experiments across different mediums – traditional and modern. She has also contributed to the album artwork of several bands.

21. @aliciasouza
We’ve got one word to describe Alicia’s work – plain and simply, adorable. This young-at-heart artist has the ability to turn random, everyday incidents into cute little colorful comics that make the perfect greeting cards or posters or well, anything. Her lovable little doodles definitely bring out the child in us.

About being an artist in India, Alicia says “It’s fantastic, scary, amazing, challenging and always inspiringly interesting. That’s India and working in India in a nutshell!”

22. @sycther
Tanvi’s clearly a natural at what she does – her doodles are inspired by pop culture and lots of everyday elements that she manages to turn into masterpieces.

23. @daakujaisingh
Here’s an artist whose work is clean-cut, minimalistic yet bursting with character. He describes it as “passive aggressive art” which reflects dark thoughts through happy colours!

24. @an_anandrk
Anand Radhakrishnan creates absolute magic with acrylics. His work is a brilliant reflection of his vivid imagination> Definitely one of our favourites!

25. @inkbrushnme
A recipient of the INK Fellowship, we had the wonderful opportunity to witness Harshavardhan’s INK talk last year. A lot of his recent artwork is inspired by Indian mythology. His work is raw, passionate and original. Oh, and absolutely mesmerising as well!

26. @reshusingh
This Delhi based illustrator creates art that looks simple at the first glance but on a closer inspection, it’s amazingly intricate. Authentic, easy going, yet passionate are words that perfectly describe Reshu’s work.

27. @sajidwajidshaikh
From intricate little drawings to stunning geometric sketches to dynamic typography, Sajid’s versatility and artistic spirit definitely shine through them all. He was recently invited to the ADC Portfolio Night in Dubai, a highly selective event for artists from all over the world. To top it off, he was selected as the Portfolio Night All Star from Dubai to for the main event in New Your City. To top it all off, he went on to win the main event as well! Hats off to you Sajid!

28. @surasti.kp
Here’s another artist who finds inspiration in elements from nature to create little paintings that are absolute visual treats!

29. @bala.murugan.9693
Artist Bala Murugan’s work is colourful, vibrant and relatable. Infused with elements of Indian lifestyle and folk culture, his illustrations make for witty little comics that help us connect on a more patriotic level.

screenshot-.com 2015-08-10 18-58-40

30. @bhavna_sn
Bhavna is an illustrator with a love for food and BMWs. Several of her artworks feature gorgeous women with flowing hair as a part of her series “Project Headstrong”. 

That’s all for now, but there’s more coming up! Make sure you’re connected with Paintcollar on Facebook Twitter  and Instagram or sign up on paintcollar.com for all the latest updates. Until next time!



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