Artist Draws Justice League Superheroes Inspired By Indian Mythology. As Usual, Batman Is the Coolest!

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In our quest for the most unique and inspiring art from all over the country, we recently came across the work of Anurag Halder. Currently pursuing a masters degree in design from IIT Delhi, Anurag is an architect by profession, geek at heart and a major pop culture enthusiast as is evident from his artwork. A particular series he was working on drew our attention because of it’s incredibly drafted concept. Anurag has visioned and illustrated the legendary Justice League superhero team based on concepts and elements from Indian mythology! Every hero has been given a carefully crafted look based on his/her background and superpowers to make them fit in as characters from Indian history and culture.

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“So, this idea about an Indian Justice league came to my mind when I used to watch the old animated Justice League cartoon. It was a vague idea and I thought wouldn’t it be cool to see them as Indian characters with more or less similar powers but different stories. After all these years the idea was somehow stuck to me and I thought I’ll give it a try. I started looking up references, studied a few old photographs and drawings, made mental notes of what I would like to see in each of the characters. One thing which I would like to clarify is that the Hindi titles written beneath each character are not actually their names but rather a single word associated with what each of them represent. A lot of people messaged me or wrote comments that this name is good or this name is bad. They are not actually names but a reflection of their personalities. I thought of giving them names but ultimately abandoned the idea.”, says Anurag regarding the creative process behind this series.

Parakram as Superman
I wanted him to have minimal or no armour. A lot of interpretations show him with clothes or a full set of armour but he doesn’t really need that. He is a literal god on Earth but he doesn’t feel superior to anyone. So these points made me think of him having a saintly look with his his tippet wrapped around his body forming his signature “S”. For me, someone like Superman always represents courage and hope, so I thought of going with “Parakram” for this one. This artwork is available as a phone case and poster.
superman - One Plus
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Wonder Woman
She was the first one I drew because I was so clear with the picture of her in my mind. Indian mythology is perfect for her. She had that magical and mystical vibe to her. I wanted her to have a sort of tribal-ish look but also make her look like a warrior. Our mythos are filled with goddesses and Devis and who kick ass and Wonder Woman was fit for that look. Wonder Woman is always about raw power. She is not timid like Superman and knows when to exercise her powers. So I went with the tag “Shakti”. This artwork is available as a phone case and a poster.
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Martian Manhunter
Like Wonder Woman, I was also clear about Martian Manhunter. Right from the start I wanted to give him the look of an Aghori, with pale skin, deep red eyes, skull in hand and ashes rubbed all over his body. I gave him the tag “Anant”, which means infinite because I see him as a superhero with infinite wisdom and always having something important to say.
Hawk Girl
For Hawkgirl’s helmet I searched for the designs of Garuda in old temples. Hindu mythology already has a god in the shape of an eagle and Hawkgirl fits the description perfectly. I also designed her mace according to maces used in ancient India.
The Flash
I wanted Flash to have a sort of Naarad Muni type of look. Quirky and with minimal armour.
Flash is the symbol for freedom and doing whatever you want. So for him I went with “Swadheenta” meaning freedom or independence.
Green Lantern
Green Lantern was a bit straight forward. An ordinary man getting a ring and forming an armour around him with the help of it. I wanted to incorporate an old timey laalten in the pic but somehow I didn’t.
For Batman there was just one thing in my mind, make him look cool. He was the final member of the holy trinity of DC and he had to look awesome. I tried a few things with him but the ancient Indian look didn’t suit him completely so I borrowed elements from Mughal battle armour. I gave his helmet and cowl a sort of Mughal-ish feel. I also covered him in armour as opposed to Superman and gave him the tag “Nyay” meaning Justice, which I think suits his personality the best. This artwork is available as a phone case and a poster.
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We were delighted to hear that Anurag is still in the process of adding some more characters, possibly Shazam and Aquaman. Based on the phenomenal positive response to this Justice League series, he is also considering applying the Indian redesign concept for the Avengers in the future.

Speaking about his journey as an artist Anurag says “I’ve been drawing and doodling stuff ever since I learned to hold a pencil. I never had any formal training because when you live in a small town you don’t have many teachers around. Also, what I wanted to draw from the start were comic books, super heroes or pop culture stuff and the local teachers were never keen on that kind of art. My elder brother is a comic book geek like me and always encouraged me. Fortunately after school, I studied architecture and then went for industrial design so I’ve been in constant contact with pencils and paper which helped me to keep in touch with my hobby.”

Every artist draws inspiration and from the masters in his/her style and Anurag is no different. His heroes include legendary comic artists such as Brian Bolland, Jim Lee, Moebius, Dustin Nguyen and Steve Mcniven to name a few. “As I am still in the learning phase, right now I am following some artists and trying to mix and match their styles with my own to see if something new comes up. I would definitely like to see myself evolving as an artist and having my own signature style someday.” says Anurag.

We were so delighted to discover Anurag’s work that we couldn’t resist asking him about his current projects and future plans on which he remarked “Nowadays I’ve started doing more digital work than traditional pen and paper stuff. I am still learning new things  everyday. I mostly start out by using references. If I have time, I sketch it on paper first, scan it and then work on it digitally.”

Regarding taking up his art as a full time career, Anurag commented that as of now, it was more of a hobby. “The day it becomes a profession for me and I have to pay my bills doing this, I don’t think i’ll be able to work as freely as I do now. My dream project would be illustrating cover artwork for comic books.”
We certainly stand with Anurag and the entire Paintcollar team extends its full support to him to take his art to new heights and audiences. You can find Anurag’s work on T-shirts, phone cases, posters, laptop skins and canvas prints at
Here is a glimpse into some more of Anurag’s fabulous creations.
Samurai Jack This artwork is available as a phone case and poster


The Joker inspired by Batman:The Killing Joke
Johnny Bravo This artwork is available as a T-shirt, phone case and poster.



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