How To Sign Up On Paintcollar

How To Sign up Post

Welcome to Paintcollar! If you are an artist, designer or content creator and wish to put your merchandise out into the market, you have come to the perfect place! Getting started with Paintcollar is really easy. Just follow this step by step tutorial and you will be making money from your artwork in no time.

1. Head over to
You will be asked whether you would like to join Paintcollar as an artist or a customer. Choose Artist.

Join Paintcollar as


2. Select the type of artist
Choose independent artist.

What type of artist are you?


3. Fill up your details
Here’s what you will get when you join Paintcollar as an independent artist. To sign up just enter the details asked for and hit the big red Sign Up button.

What you get on Paintcollar

4. Activate your account
An account confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Click on the link given in the email we send you. You will be redirected to

Confirmation email

Here’s what your activation mail will look like:

Activation email

5. Dashboard
Click your name in the top right corner of the menu bar and select the Dashboard option.

Paintcollar dashboard

If you are signing up using mobile, choose My Dashboard option from the menu.

Paintcollar mobile dashboard


6. Complete your Paintcollar profile
Welcome to the Paintcollar dashboard! This is where you can manage your account, keep a track of sales and access the help section.

Paintcollar dashboard

Edit profile
The details you enter here will reflect on your storefront. Make sure you add a profile picture which will help your customers identify you. Your phone number is required so that our team can reach you for support and suggestions.

Edit profile

Social Media Links
Connect your social media accounts to your Paintcollar store.

Paintcollar social media links

Payment details
Here’s where you enter your account details so that we can transfer your payments to you every month. If you have an Indian bank account, choose NEFT Account Transfer and enter the required details. Make sure you enter your PAN card number as well.
If you do not have an account in an Indian bank, you will have to select PayPal and enter the relevant details.

Paintcollar payment

Yay! Your account has been set up and now you can start uploading and creating products of your choice with your artworks.





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