How to Motivate Yourself to Save Money

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If you’ve ever ordered a poster or laptop skin from Paintcollar (or even our competitors for that matter), we are guessing you are familiar to the poster tubes that get sent to you. These reliable, rigid cardboard tubes help us deliver these amazing masterpieces by artists and designers to our customers, safely. In more than one ways poster tubes are the unsung heroes, till the time they serve their purpose, but what after that ?

We immediately dispose them off. Or if you are like us you probably just keep them aside hoping the artist in you might want to use it some day to create something awesome. Well folks, today is the day you get to do that. Paintcollar presents to you a step by step guide on how poster tubes can be useful for more than just carrying posters.

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We like to use ‘Creativity’ as a tool to help us enhance our everyday lives, or even at times to help us solve our little problem. The littler the problem, the harder it is to solve because you always tend to recognize them as problems. Here’s one little problem every hostelite/bachelor faces while wanting to save some money in order to invest in something better tomorrow. This may not be a full fledged plan to help you save money, but it will help you take that all important first step. Read full blog here – #artwork #art #money #save #finance #bachelor #hostel #blog #feature #red #vscoindia #vscocam #diy #crafts #postertubes #cardboard #recycle #bestoutofwaste #artist  #graphicdesign  #beautiful #wow #fun  #painting #illustrations #doodles #origami #paintcollar #howto #doityourself

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Follow this self explanatory step by step guide to what might might be a great way to push yourself to start saving, and thus quench your ‘need to create’ at the same time.


How to Motivate Yourself to Save Money (by making yourself a Money saving piggy bank)

Assemble the following list of items:

  1. The all important Poster Tube (with it’s caps of either side)
  2. Pencils & Markers, and a scale
  3. A Hacksaw (required to reduce the length of the tube)
  4. A plain piece of paper to draw your design
  5. A Cutter Knife
  6. Glue
  7. Watercolours/Sketch pens to beautify your piggy bank


Step 1

As shown in the picture below, at a length of 15 cms from the end, mark your point and get ready to make a cut on the tube.



Step 2

Now make the cut using your hacksaw. Be very careful while doing this, as this step requires a lot of power, stamina and patience. Take your time to make this cut, make sure it is straight and clean, as a slanted cut may just ruin the tube, and you might have to cut it all over again.



Step 3

Now check with the tube caps on either sides and make sure that they sit right on either sides.




Step 4

Now as shown in the picture below, mark your little rectangle which will act as an inlet to all the money you may put inside.




Step 5

Use your Cutter Knife to make this cut. Make sure the cut is clean, and that it is wide enough for a ₹10 coin to be able to go through it.




Step 6

In this step we create an outer design for our piggy bank. Draw a rectangle which is of the following dimensions:

Height : 15 cms   Width : 26 cms 




Step 7

Make your design on this paper, which is best suited to your style. If you are good with printing, you can print a design on a paper of 15 cms height and 26 cms width, this is open to your creative execution.




Step 9

But there is nothing as satisfying as having your own design on your DIY piggy bank.




Step 10

Here comes the final step. Make sure you apply enough glue on the poster tube, rather than on the paper. Stick it onto your piggy bank, and …




Step 11





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