How To Create And Sell Products On Paintcollar

After your account is set up, it’s time to start selling! Click on “Sell Your Art” in the menu bar.

IMPORTANT – You can upload designs and create products only from a computer and not from mobile. Please keep this in mind.

1. Click On Sell Your Art

Sell your art on Paintcollar

The Creation Engine interface will open up. You will then have to upload your designs on our product templates and set your profit margins over our base price. Here’s what the Creation Engine looks like:

Paintcollar Creation Engine

Click on any of the product templates and select an artwork from your computer. It can be in PNG or JPG format. For apparel, your artwork needs to be in PNG format with a transparent background so that the colour of the T-shirt comes through and you don’t get a rectangular block printed. Take a look at this excel sheet with recommended image sizes, formats and suggestions:

Now that you have uploaded your artwork, it’s time to set the price. Every product has a base price which covers Paintcollar’s cost of manufacturing, packaging and delivering it to the customer. Over this, you can add your own profit margin as a percentage of the base price. The final price will be the base price + your profit margin + taxes.


Paintcollar pricing

Here are the different things you can do before the Creation Engine renders your artwork:

  • Reposition the artwork within the printable area which is shown by dotted lines.
  • Choose a default display colour. This will be the default apparel colour for this design once it is rendered.
  • Choose the apparel colours on which you want to sell this design. For example, if your artwork is predominantly black then it would make sense not to have it available on dark coloured T-shirts. You can check those boxes off.
  • Rotate the artwork.
  • Scale the artwork. Note that you can only scale down and cannot make it larger than the original size because this would result in the artwork getting pixelated.
  • Add a profit margin.


Click the big red Done button.

You will then be asked to fill up a title, description and search tags as shown in the picture below. Make sure you give a careful thought to what you enter here as it this information is very important for customers to find your work on the website. Filling this information properly and adding relevant tags is highly recommended and has been proved to significantly increase sales.

Paintcollar artwork details

The last step is to change the status of your artwork Public. This means that it will be visible to our curators and once they approve it, to the entire world of customers. If you keep it private, only you will be able to view it and you will not get any sales.

When you click on Public, a pop-up will ask you to agree that this artwork is an original creation of yours and that you have all rights to use this for commercial purposes. You cannot sell artwork that infringes on someone else’s copyrights or intellectual property. To proceed, click Continue.

Paintcollar public

Now click the big red SAVE button at the bottom. Your artwork will get rendered on the selected product. This might take some time and you will get to see the progress percentage. Once it’s done, you will see your artwork wonderfully rendered on the product.

2. Add more products
You Repeat the process for all the products you want to make available with this artwork. Finally, your Creation Engine page with all the products created will look like this:


Click on any one of the products to go to the respective product page. The rest of the products with the same design will be shown in the Available As section at the bottom of the page.

Your products are now under review by our curation team. The moment they approve them, the products will be live for sale!



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