Exclusive Interview With ‘Jaggu Dada’ – The Artist Behind SMITE Character Art!


When one decides to become an artist, one is embarking on an arduous journey. An artist has to study, learn and practice continuously and consistently before signs of improvement start showing. It’s all about getting better and better and it needs to show in your portfolio.
One such artist goes by the alias ‘Jaggu Dada’. His Deviant Art profile, which shows his growth as an illustrator over the span of 8 years, completely justifies the role of hard work and discipline in the process of being an artist. And now, Jaggu Dada creates pieces for an internationally renowned Gaming Studio; for a very popular MMORPG called ‘Smite.’

Give us a background of yourself. How did you come to be an artist and what were your artistic influences while growing up?
I started scribbling even before I could speak. I grew up with comics such as Superman ,batman, nagraj,chacha chodhry, tinkle and morning cartoons like G.I.joe , He-Man etc and those were in some cases, still influence me.

Are you a self-taught artist?
Dada –  Yes, I am a self taught artist

Kali – Smite Convention Skin

If one were to scroll through your Deviant Art gallery, one would see a constant progression in the quality of your work. Tell us about your journey of becoming a better artist, your motivations and inspirations.
It was 2008 when I painted my first digital painting. I did it with a mouse as I had no clue tablets existed and thought every award winning illustration on CG Society was done on Photoshop with a mouse.
My journey started when I started doing Mortal Kombat ninjas (fanart ) and people started acknowledging me. Later that year I got an offer to do a Table card game called WorraCards at 35$ per card .

Before we go to talk about Smite, what were the other professional projects that you have worked on?
Before Smite I have worked for various  small Tcg games like Infinity Wars, Earthcore for Tequila games, NamcoBandai etc.

Lyssa – Goddess of Madness

With your work on Smite, one would think you are playing in the big league now. How did these awesome opportunities come by to you? Or did you approach them to be a part of their very impressive line up of artists? And more than anything, how does it feel working for Smite?
Working for Smite was a dream come true and how i got the gig is an amazing  story by itself. I started playing smite in late 2014.
They had a community art show in which winning entries won 600-800 gems ( in game currency) in order to win those gems I started doing fan art.
I had just completed illustrating of Red Kali ( kali’s conventional skin) since that skin had no Artwork and i thought they might use mine . Just few days later Hi-Rez released their own official version.
Luckily the card that they released was a blatant copy of a champion from league of legends  which pissed the community.
And as my artwork was ready and was loved they decided to purchase it and use it in game and that’s how I got my foot into Hi-Rez’s door. 😀

Erlang She – Smite Mastery Skin

What plans for the future?
My plan is to get a permanent  position  in HiRez studio  😀

Lastly, your advice to the many digital artists trying to come up in the Indian industry? How should they approach the digital landscape to become better and to get noticed?
My advice all the young budding  artists is to never lose hope and study and practice as hard as you can.

Here is a look at more of Jaggu Dada’s amazing work…

Artemis – Smite Gold Mastery Skin
Loki – Smite Joki Loki Skin
Bleach – Ichigo
Athena – Smite Golden Skin
Awilix – Smite Mastery Skin

You can check more of his awesome pieces here as well –

Deviant Art – http://jaggudada.deviantart.com/
Artstation – https://www.artstation.com/artist/jaggudada
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jaggudada.d.don?fref=ts

Interview by Vivek Nag

All the artworks displayed in this article have been used with the artist’s permission. All rights to these images are reserved with the artist alone.



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