Eleven Mouth Watering Artworks For All The Food-Minded Hungry Heads!

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Did you know that Chocolate was once used as currency!
As early as 250 A.D., ancient civilizations of Mexico and South America, specifically The Mayans and the Aztecs, used the cocoa bean as a system of money. Having great food is like coming back to life for some people, or as we know them better as ‘FOODIES’. In fact, around 48 million Americans define themselves as Foodies, that’s like 14 percent of those living in America already have their dinner planned while savouring their breakfast!

What is the greatest dream of a FOODIE?? For some it may be an Extra Large Doubly Cheesy Pizza all for themselves, or finding the cuisine of different parts of the world all on one table and for some it might be opening up their own shack to give an all time satisfaction to their tummy’s!

Food is no doubt, simply wonderful. Sharing meals with family and friends can bring people together, and remind us of old traditions. We can also build new traditions with food, and make friends by trying new food together. Food is also a good way to introduce people to a new culture. That is why Paintcollar has the dream tee’s for all the hungry heads, as we have always believed in connecting art with lifestyle, or in this case mouth-watering all the gourmets out there reading this!

Pizza by Syed Arif Ahmad

Do you remember me asking for your opinion? Neither do I!

weekend tshirt (1)
Available as Phone case, Laptop skin, Hoodie, Seamless bandana and Poster

Feed me, human by GraphiTree Customs

So is the Human that is about to feed you

Food 2
Available as Hoodie, Coffee mug and Full-sleeve T-shirt

Because burgers by Rumman Rizvi

Abs are temporary, my hunger is till eternity

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Available as Phone case and Sleeveless T-shirt

#FoodPorn by MJ

Still a better love story than Twilight, much better for you!

Food 6
Available as Coffee mug, Hoodie and Full-sleeves T-shirt

Dough you love pizza by Deepak Gupta

I love my ‘Dough’ter !

Pizza 2
Available as Phone case, Hoodie, Full-sleeve T-shirt

Being hungry by askubusku

Being a gourmand, being hungry..just the same

Food 7
Available as Coffee mug, Full Sleeve T-shirt and Hoodie

Tu jaanta nahi mera baap CORN hai! by Loca Siopa

Co ‘rn’ ical right?!

Food 10

Pizza is coming by High & Above

I have made my winter plans already!

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Available as Phone case, Laptop skin, Hoodie and Poster

The sushil shushi by ANIRUDDHA LELE

Sushil, Sanskari, Nerdie and a Foodie

Food 11
Available as Coffee mug, Hoodie and Sleeveless T-shirt

Pizza is my priority by Eunice Hepzibah

And all my toppings within the extraaa cheeesee!

Food 12
Available as Phone case, Coffee mug and Hoodie

Fries by sukesh jain


girly 5
Available as Phone case, Laptop skin, Poster, Canvas and Hoodie

Fun fact- The amount of jars of nutella sold in a year could cover The Great Wall of China eight times. Something we’d love to see!

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