Discover Legendary Comic Artist Jack Kirby’s Secret To Artistic Success!

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For most illustrators, Jack Kirby is a revered hero. Kirby created and illustrated some of the most iconic comic characters like Iron Man, Captain America, X-Men, Hulk and Fantastic Four along with writer Stan Lee and also laid the foundation for the the entire Marvel Universe. As he himself confessed, Kirby was never the best artist around. His characters’ anatomy was often far from perfect. However, his brilliant imagination and composition made his characters jump off the page like never before. The action packed, gripping story boards and astonishing characters he created were massive hits. While the whole world goes crazy with every new superhero movie released today, very few realise that it all started with this one man.

This fantastically illustrated comic published by Zen Pencils tells the story of how Kirby honed his skills as a budding artist in his own words. Being completely self-taught, he drew inspiration from the best artists of his time and tirelessly practiced his craft by learning from the masters. Zen Pencil’s artist Gavin Than gives life to Kirby’s words about how budding illustrators can tackle the biggest challenges in their creative journey in this short story that is sure to inspire artists all over the world.

Here is Paintcollar’s own tribute to the master artist Jack Kirby. He will always be one of our greatest inspirations.

Artwork by Srijith Mohan




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