Creativity in Everyday Things

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Ever since we were little kids we were taught ‘How to think’. This process has been embedded into our systems by our society and termed it as ‘the right way to think’. There was no scope for doubting this old school process as everyone around us followed it.

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But then there are some of us who were adamant enough to revolt these daily societal values, and wanted to not be a ‘part of the pack’. If you relate to this, you are someone with the potential to be creative. And when we say creative, we do not mean just an artist or a designer or something on those lines, we mean you are someone with the ability to join the dots in the most complicated of situations.

So what is creativity? Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition or a joke) or an original physical object (such as an invention, a literary work or a painting).

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Creativity is something which some possess since the day they are born, whereas some others develop it over the years, but each one of us has the tendency to innovate.

We at Paintcollar believe big ideas never start out as big ideas.

Big ideas almost always start out as small answers to the question of “what if?” What if this isn’t what it seems to be? What if we took a gamble? What if we tried it a different way? What if we follow this mistake all the way through?

Every big idea has a small beginning. And these small beginnings are inspired by the little world around us. This was the prime motivation for us to talk about creativity.

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Creativity cannot be obtained just by the use of the fanciest tools, or the most premium of brushes. It is more about thinking differently with the resources you already possess. More about hiding your weak spots and highlighting your strong one’s, all this in a subtle manner. That’s why we say that creativity can be practiced. It takes countless hours of honing your skills to finally create a masterpiece.


These are just few examples of objects that we see in our everyday life, but never actually took out the time to think about them differently.

We like to call these ‘Creativity Initiators’. More like dumbells for your brain. You start out simple, with something silly, quirky yet unique. Try it every day whenever and wherever you have the time.
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As you keep doing it you mould your thinking process in a certain way that you start to understand the ‘dots’ and how to ‘connect’ them.

We often think that creativity is some type of sudden magical “aha!” moment. But a lot of times  creativity feels like a more deliberate and slow understanding and exploration process in search of that moment.

Start hunting for your ‘Aha’ moments now!




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