Check-out These Spicy Artworks From Bollywood That Might Wet Even Your Eyes

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We Indians have always been very Filmy in our lifestyles. Let alone just watching movies, we Indians eat movies, drink movies, dream movies, so much that many of us spend the entirety of our lives imagining ourselves as the hero of some film. Without any discrimination, we are all in love with the indie cinema and are hooked to it for a lifelong. Each one of us is an expert in pulling off those one-liners, be it of a comedian, any villain or the witty and flirtatious pickup lines of a Hunk. As Indians, we all just have a deep fondness towards Bollywood.

Life without Bollywood for Indians is like our famous curry without any traditional and aromatic spices. We all need a small dosage of these spices in our mundane lives. So this time, we are glad to bring you our Masalaidar Bollywood collection of artworks from artists all over the country in their style. Let’s flaunt the fashion in a filmy way as Fashion with art at Paintcollar is all about Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment!!

Babu rao Ganpat rao Apte by Farah Farooq

Arre baba, wrong number hai toh uthati kaiko hai re!

Bolly Tees 10
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Andaaz Apna Apna by Deepak Gupta

Do dost ek hi pyale mein chai peeyenge, isse dosti badhti hai

Bolly Tees 7
Available as Phonecase, Laptop skin, Coffee mug, Hoodie and Seamless bandana


Mogambo and Gogo by Chaitanya Limaye

Mogambo Khush Hua 😉

Bolly Tees 1
Available as Coffee mug and Hoodie


Real Teja by High & Above

Bolly Tees 2
Available as Phone Case, Hoodie, Poster


Ga se by Being Indian

Jo Dar Gya, Samjho Mar gya

Bolly Tees 8
Available as Phonecase, Laptop skin, Hoodie and Coffee mug


Bollywood Fever by Goldy

Its not a fever, its a permanent disease!

Bolly Tees 3
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Fitness Goal by Bum from the Bay

Insaaf nahi mila my lord… Mili hai toh sirf yeh tarikh

Bolly Tees 6
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Kha se by Being Indian

Ka, Kha, Ga,..Who remembers the rest?

Bolly Tees 4
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Haider by Dipantor Talukdar

Bandook sirf inteqam lena janti hai

Bolly Tees 5
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Gabbar(Ab Goli Kha), by Tejeshwar Prasad


Bolly Tees 9
Available as Phonecase, Laptop skin , Coffee mug, Seamless bandana  and Poster


Beech me na bol by Shradha katiyar

The boss is always right!

Available as Phone case and Hoodie

Kung Fu Pandey by Being Indian

 Kamaal karte ho Pandey Ji

Available as Phone cases, Hoodie, Coffee Mug and Laptop Skin

Battery Nhi Bolne Ka by Art life

 Don’t call me as the one with glasses!

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Available as Hoodie and Sleeveless T shirt

 Patakha Guddi by Abdul Ahad

 किसी की गलतियों को बेनक़ाब ना कर, ‘ईश्वर’ बैठा है, तू हिसाब ना कर..!

Available as Phone case, Hoodie, Coffee Mug

Filmy T-shirts by Alpesh Vadatkar

 Mere rules koi nahi todh sakta … main bhi nahi

Available as Phone Case, Canvas and Poster

Haseena Tu Kamina Mai by Disha Bhanot

 Pyar picturon mein hi achcha lagta hai … extra baatein edit kar dete hai

Available as Phone Case, Coffee Mug, Laptop Skin and Hoodie

Gabbar Singh by The Wizart


Available as Hoodie, Coffee Mug and Poster

KAALIYA by Sukesh Jain

..and finally, ab tera kya hoga kaalia!

Available as Phone Case, Hoodie, Seamless Bandana, Full sleeve T-shirt

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