An Interview With Gaurav Rukhana

At point in your life did you decide to have a career in the creative field?

I was studying in the 4th grade , when I first came across this sitcom called Dragon ball Z which created a wave of inspiration inside me and that’s when i decided to give the creative field a shot because there the characters did something beyond imagination, that’s when i wanted to enter a field where i would not be bound by imagination but play it to my strengths.

Studying art or design formally has never really been a imperative to being successful in the field. Considering that, how important do you think training is? How has your experience been as a student of graphic design?

Training is an integral component of becoming a designer. They say practice makes perfect and it is vital that one nourishes the talent and do not let it go waste. This is why my experience as a graphic designer has been a fun ride. I have invested every minute of my free time into practice, whether it is as fundamental as line practicing or making complex renders.

Kurasaki Ichigo by Gaurav Rukhana

You were a student of graphic design at MIT Institute of Design. Could you tell us why graphic design ? What about the field attracts you the most?

I love telling stories. Every work of art or design weaves a secret tale and I try and infuse a story with any kind of design I create and graphic design gives me the freedom to do this . It allows me to acquaint people with my life’s chronicles and I have the complete liberty to personify them in any which way i like.

Your designs are absolutely ‘fun’ and your use of colors is refreshingly bold. How would you describe your style and your art?

My pool of innovation comes from Masashi Kishimoto’s masterpiece “Naruto “ and therefore with every opus I try and pay tribute to Kishimoto. There is always a subtle hint of drama hidden in my work, accompanied by exuberance.

Uzumaki Naruto by Gaurav Rukhana

From ideation to creation, most artists and designers have a thought process. Have you discovered a pattern in your work process ? How important do you think it is to have a structure to stick to?

Design without structure is paradoxical and inconceivable. In order to strike balance, the fluidity and freedom which chaperon design often need to be countered with rigorous structure . Otherwise the aftermath can be disastrous . I have devolved a certain pattern which guides me and lets me capitalize on my strength.

You’ve said you have a certain fetish for handwritten type. Have you evolved any fonts on your own? And do you have any favorites?

Hand lettered type and fonts are poles apart . I am very weak with typography, however that hasn’t hindered me from dabbling my luck in it. I am a fan of good strokes, line drawings and I love experimenting with them. I haven’t created any fonts as such.

Where do you draw inspiration from? Have any artists or designers inspired your style of work?

I draw inspiration from Yale Stewart (author of JLB comics), Steve Simpson and obviously Kishimoto Sensei (creator of Naruto)

How would you define art? What do you think the potential of art is beyond its aesthetic appeal?

I think art is an orifice through which anyone can unleash their emotions . It docent have to be perfect , it doesn’t have to be beautiful because it is just an expression. Art has the potential of uplifting moods, it can create a sanguine environment and therefore i feel there is more to it beyond its aesthetic appeal.

Avengers by Gaurav Rukhana

We’d like to get to know you better! How do you spend your free time?

I am always on the hunt for new anime. Anime is just not a hobby, it’s a way of living . The philosophy projected in Naruto is stimulating and electrifying. It not only inspires me to sketch but pushes me beyond my limits and gives me the impulses to try new things out.

Technology has completely revolutionized the field of art and design and there has been a significant shift from art being restricted to traditional forms like paintings. What do you think of using technology to make art and design an integral part of people’s lifestyle through everyday products and services? Is this a positive step forward to revive consumption of art in today’s times?

Design is a crippled without technology. Its reach towards the masses is seraphic. It helps save time which is the most crucial element in today’s world. With technology design has not just helped make lives easy but it has also become a source of levity. It has definitely made revival of art effortless. The world has become a global community because the union of arts across borders has made people more informed and abreast of facts.

What kind of work would you like to spend your life doing ? Do you have a dream project or a dream workplace?

I would loved to open a studio someday which primarily focuses on illustrations and keep sketching out my story at a retail store of my own for people to see.

Fullmetal Alchemist by Gaurav Rukhana



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