11 Adorable Panda Artworks That Will Melt Your Heart


This bamboo-lusting lazy cutie pie with its gluttony appearance and its adorable eyes is capable of melting the heart of even the sickest of tyrants!

The Giant Panda, as its name suggests, is capable of eating 30 tons of bamboo in a day, but digesting only a little more than 15%! This means a lot of sitting around, eating and loads of pooping wherever it goes. Isn’t that…. adorable?!

Paintcollar has always been connecting art with lifestyle, or in this case… some super cute artworks and a lethargic lifestyle! Here are some of these works created by incredible artists from all over the country available in a variety of products like T-shirts, Phone cases, Laptop skins and canvas posters. Go lazy this summer!!

1) No. You Do It. by High & Above

 A power saver mode till eternity or just..meh?
panda 4 revised
Available as a T-shirt, Hoodie, Phone case, Laptop skin and Seamless bandana

2) Big Fat Panda,by Champ

 Vegans are not fat..try explaining that to a panda’s belly!
panda 3
Available as T-shirt, HoodiePhone case, Laptop skinCoffee mugPoster Canvas

3) Naa Ho Payega, by Ileesha Sharma

I am lethargic and I am proud of it!
panda 1 (2)
Available as  T-shirtHoodieLaptop SkinPhone case and Coffee mug

4) I Hate Mondays, by Rumman Rizvi

What’s your take on this day?
panda 1 (1)
Available as T-shirt, Hoodie, Phone case and Coffee mug 

5) Panda Po, by Bhavika Makwana

Let me just keep my cuteness and my bamboos!
moto g4 plus 2
Available as Phone case

6) Dragon Warrior, by Samarth

Sorry to tell u buddy… there is enough noodles for only one of us!
panda 3
Available as Phone case

7) I Just Want To Be a Panda, by Avijit Dhankar

 Everybody hugs me…wont you?
lazy 2 1
Available as T-shirtHoodie,                                                   Full sleeve t-shirt and Sleeveless t-shirt

8) Panda Sunday, by Abhijeet Sinha

I love Sundays because I am lazy, just be like me?
lazy 1
Available as HoodiePhone caseCoffee mug and Poster Canvas

9) Sleepy Panda, by Kiran Hingorani

And Monday mornings be like…
panda 2
Available as Phone caseHoodieSeamless bandanaCoffee mug and Poster Canvas

10) Panda + Koala = Ultimate Laziness ! by Nikhil Bhambure

They can do some great team dawdling!
Funny tees 7 1
Available as Phone caseLaptop skinCoffee mug and Sleeveless t-shirt         

11) PAN DAB, by Sukesh Jain

Cutest Dab ever or what?!
video 6
Available in Phone case , T-shirt.

Pandas are indolent no doubt… but they sure do stand up against this racist and cruel some world. By being white, black and Asian, this mammal is the personification of world peace!! Check out more awesome designs and products on paintcollar.com



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