About Us

We connect Art with Lifestyle
We connect Art with Lifestyle

Paintcollar is India’s finest marketplace for inspired artists. We offer artists the opportunity to reach out to thousands of people and earn by selling their work online through a variety of products.

We handle all manufacturing and shipping so that our artists can focus on doing what they love and bring fresh designs to admiring customers every day.

If you’re looking for insanely creative T-shirts, eye catching laptop skins or mind blowing wall art, you have come to the perfect place. Paintcollar’s vision is to connect art with lifestyle. We want to bring the art from the studio into your wardrobes and homes. Paintcollar offers a huge variety of designs on a wide range of products that bring a refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill and clichéd designs that swarm the market. Some of our products are posters and art prints, canvas prints, laptop skins and T-shirts.

Paintcollar is not just another e-commerce store. It is a marketplace for artists to sell directly to customers. We simply facilitate the payment, manufacturing and delivery – basically all the stuff likely to give you a headache!


  • Easy to use product design tool. Creating merchandise is now child’s play.
  • Amazing product rendering to give you realistic product views.
  • Set your own profit margins. Only you have the right to decide how much your work is worth.
  • No minimum order requirement. We print on demand. This means no more worries about your product not reaching a minimum sales goal.
  • No deadlines. Your art can be sold for as long as you choose. Now your customers won’t miss out because they couldn’t pre-order in time.
  • No waiting time. We print and ship as soon as an order is placed.
  • Your designs can have as many colours as you like for apparel printing. We place no restrictions on colours. Why on earth would we do that?!
  • Dedicated artist profile. All your designs on a single page makes for a wonderful portfolio.
  • Design multiple products with the same artwork. This means more choice for your customers!
  • Keep track of your sales by accessing your account settings.
  • Appreciate and follow your favourite artists.
  • Create merchandise for your band, social media page or event.
  • It’s FREE to sell your art!