9 Kickass Decor Ideas For Your Hostel Room Or Bachelor Pad!

If you’re a college student, you’re probably wondering how to deck up your hostel room / bachelor pad to best reflect your identity. A personal touch to your space can do wonders to uplift your spirits. Paintcollar brings to you 9 cost effective ideas to bring colour into your hostel room and to make you feel at home!

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1.  Posters are a great way to deck up walls. They are a visual treat and they also personify your space. How should you put them up? Remember- when in doubt, always frame it.

If you want to cut costs, you can go ahead and stick them on the walls directly using cello tape or double sided tape. However, be warned for these make for a permanent fixture and can spoil your poster and wall. Framing your posters and photographs is a great option and will add class and sophistication to your side of the bed and will help you personalize your area.

Frameless posters, however, look killer on ceilings above your bed. (And that’s the safest way to go about it.)


2. If you’re living in an apartment, putting up framed photographs and posters is easy but most hostels don’t allow nails being drilled into walls. No worries. You can put up posters on the walls directly.

Use blu-tack to avoid those ugly tape marks and you’re good to go! Put up a combination of posters, postcards and photographs, in order to avoid the monotony of any one kind of decor option. Photographs, doodles and postcards can be put up as collages or simply pin them onto clotheslines above your bed or desk!

*Note: Blu-Tack is a pressure sensitive, adhesive putty that in the right amount, holds up almost anything that is averagely light. Posters, photos, dream catchers, fairy lights, light cloths, canvases. Another upside to it is, it doesn’t spoil your posters and photographs and hence is a safer and more long-lasting option compared to tape or glue.

So high right now by Rohit Malhotra

The Alpha by Shadowsplay


3. If you’ve had your heart set upon a framed option, you can simply lean it against a wall on a desk or stool or on the floor. 
Most hostel room doors and bathroom doors have hooks behind them. Frames can be easily put up here. Everyone loves something interesting to look at when they’re doing their morning business and have forgotten their phone outside!

Lord Commander Snow by Aditya Singh


4. Think putting up framed posters on walls is too mainstream? You can always ‘frame’ the posters in a much simpler way. Use colored tape or colored strips of paper to create frames around the poster in the pattern and shape you desire. Easy and extremely cost effective!

High Functioning Sociopath by Pankaj Bhambri


5. Pairing fairy lights or multi coloured led lights (or more commonly called ‘lighting’ in India) with wall decor makes for a beautiful sight, especially in the evenings. You can also frame your photographs and posters with fairy lights/led lights or you can create a giant frame, and add everything inside it. Or you could stuff fairy lights/led lights inside stained glass bottles. It’s the perfect lighting for a romantic and cozy evening at home or a vintage songs jam night (and also doubles as a night lamp).

Another way to use fairy lights/led lights is by creating a clothesline using them and then pinning photos in the spaces between the lights.

Midhnight Taj by Chayanika and Aqua by Bhavana


6. One great way of making your hostel room/ apartment look really fancy and expertly decorated is by color coordinating your sheets, curtains and your wall decor. Choose a template of colors or choose colors of the same temperature and simply keep adding to it. Your room will look like one giant mood board or color palette. You can also put up pantone cards of the color shades you choose, and put small photos on them. The pantone cards will double as color coordinated Polaroid frames for your photos!

Deer Camouflage by Lotta Farber


7. Do you spend way too much time on your bed? The bed makes for the focal point of your room and you can deck it up by creating a simple and awesome looking headboard for it, by simply putting up a canvas or a series of color/theme- coordinated posters by the length your bed lines the wall. And if you’re scared that your precious collection of posters or your preserved canvas might get spoilt by all the oily heads and sweaty backs that will lean against your artsy headboard, a careful application of plastic wrap or plastic sheets will solve this problem.

House by Malvika Asher and Third Eye by Rahul Ranjan


8. If you’re trying to cut costs, you’ve obviously purchased a second-hand cupboard (which NEEDS a makeover!) and are looking to upscale it while sticking to your ‘spend-less’ motto. Well, paint-jobs can be messy and in most likelihood, will turn out bad. A better option is too leave your room walls be and to cover your cupboard with photos and posters.

You could also cover your cupboard with light colored chart paper and use it as a soft board to pin up photos, posters, postcards, doodles, movie tickets, receipts you’re saving, etc. The same can be done with a dresser or with a cabinet (except use tape/blu-tac instead of pins).

Heisenberg by Manik Bansal


9. Another really great idea to reinvent your room decor while not compromising on utility space is too create railroad tracks using cardboard. All you need to do, is to procure a cardboard box and cut out equal sized strips from it. Place them in a railroad track pattern, horizontal to your bed and now you can place your posters, photos, notes, reminders etc directly on to the cardboard strips using soft board pins!

You can use blu-tack or even double sided tape to put up the cardboard strips.

*Note: Make sure the cardboard is thick enough to be able to hold posters and photos with soft board pins, without tearing. In case you don’t find thick cardboard, double the thin cardboard and tape it together.

You can also paint or gift wrap the cardboard strips before putting them up!

Imaging by Pencilove

Pink Floyd by Arjun Arunkumar


Before you get going with these projects, remember a few pointers.

– chalk out a budget and really stick to it. Sometimes in the flow of upscaling your habitat, you lose track of exactly how much you’re spending and find yourself with an empty wallet at the end of the week.

– don’t overdo any idea that you may like or have thought of. Too much of anything compromises on the aesthetic value of the decor and looks really bad.

– And most of all, don’t stick to any idea completely. Get your funk on and go crazy. Try to come up with your own ideas based on your sense of what looks good.

Paintcollar has an amazing range of posters and canvases that you’re just going to love ! If you’re looking for fantastic wall art, Paintcollar is your ultimate destination. So, what are you waiting for? Get out your crazy and groove up that bachelor pad!



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