15 Fictional Teachers We All Wish We Had In Real Life

oogway cover

This Teachers’ Day, Paintcollar takes a look at 15 awesome teachers from movies, TV and books who trained our heroes and helped them become who they are. How cool would it be if we had these for real!?

1. Master Oogway

Like Oogway, our teachers leave it up to us to discover our own paths in life while always being there with a guiding light.

Master Oogway by BKV Arts
Master Oogway by BKV Arts

2. Master Roshi

Master Roshi is that one teacher that helps us let out our inner weirdos! Oh and he also taught us to never stop training. Goku owes him big time.

Master Roshi by RIshabh Bhargava
Master Roshi by Rishabh Bhargava. This artwork is available as a phone case on Paintcollar

3. Charles Xavier

Just imagine if our teachers could know what’s going on in our heads!

Prof. Charles Xavier by Sreya Majumdar
Prof. Charles Xavier by Sreya Majumdar

4. Tyler Durden

“No fear! No distractions!”; what a teacher yells while revising before finals. Tyler taught a generation of angry teenagers to think for themselves and that it’s OK to be a non conformist.

Tyler Durden by Ankit Soni aka Grafixated
Tyler Durden by Ankit Soni aka Grafixated. Available as a poster on Paintcollar.

5. Mr. Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi says “There’s no such thing as a bad student”. We’re not sure how many teachers would agree with this!

Mr. Miyagi by Shalaka Degwekar
Mr. Miyagi by Shalaka Degwekar.

6. Harvey Specter

He’s given us words like “The only time success come before work is in the dictionary”, “Winners don’t make excuses” and several other pearls of wisdom.

Harvey Specter by Skylit Designs
Harvey Specter by Skylit Designs.

7. Morpheus

Just like Morpheus gave Neo two pills to choose from, our teachers give us two paths to choose from- paying attention and passing or goofing off and failing!

Morpheus by rama ramani
Morpheus by Rama Ramani

8. Coach Carter

A teacher and students are a team. “If one person struggles, we all struggle. One person triumphs, we all triumph.”

Coach Carter by Shalaka Degwekar
Coach Carter by Shalaka Degwekar.

9. Rafiki

Maybe we all need a smack on the head with a cane at some point. Our teachers surely wished the could when we got out of hand!

Rafiki by Rohit Malhotra
Rafiki by Rohit Malhotra. Also available as a T-shirt, phone case, poster and canvas print on Paintcollar.

10. Mickey Goldmill

Rocky Balboa would be no champion without Mickey yelling at him! Sometimes we need our teachers to be harsh and push us to our limits before we realise what we’re capable of.

Mickey by Shraddha
Mickey Goldmill by Shraddha

11. Dewey Finn

The only teacher to invent a rare blood disease, stick-it-to-the-man-iosis, to help his students excel  Also, legend says that saying this prayer every night before bed gives you incredibly awesome powers of rock n’ roll! Along with tons of practice of course.

Dewey Finn by Rama Ramani
Dewey Finn by Rama Ramani

12. Pai Mei

Here’s hoping our teachers have taught us all their secrets. You never know when you might need to use the five finger death punch!

Pai mei by Shalaka Degwekar
Pai mei by Shalaka Degwekar

13. Master Yoda

Tough lessons need to be learned before you can unleash your inner Jedi. Well most of our teachers got the grammar right.

Master Yoda by Dipantor Talukdar
Master Yoda by Dipantor Talukdar. Available for sale on a phone case, poster and canvas print on Paintcollar

14. Severus Snape

Maybe if we dedicated as much time to our studies as Snape did to loving Lilly, all our teachers would be proud.

Severus Snape by Naeema Remzin
Severus Snape by Naeema Remzin. Available on a T-shirt, phone case and poster on Paintcollar.

15. Walter White

From timid teacher to badass drug kingpin, Walter White is one extraordinary character. All said and done he’d be a great teacher to have since he did know his chemistry perfectly!

Walter White by Abhijeet Sinha
Walter White by Abhijeet Sinha. Available as a poster on Paintcollar.



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