14 Great Reasons To Sell Your Art On Paintcollar

Paintcollar is a marketplace for designer merchandise created by brilliant artists. We enable them to sell their art and designs in the form of trending consumer merchandise like posters, T-shirts and laptop skins. But out of all the places you can sell your art, why Paintcollar? These 14 points make a pretty convincing argument!

1. Product Design Tool


Creating products with your art is a piece of cake! It takes no more than 2 minutes.

2. Decide Your Own Profits

2Our base price covers the cost of everything needed to get your product to your customer. You add your margin over this.

3. End To End Services

3We handle everything from transaction, manufacturing to delivery and customer support! All this is covered in our base price.

4. It’s FREE!

We don’t charge you anything to sell on paintcollar.com and we never will!

5. Multiple Products, Same Artwork

available in

You can create multiple products within the same project. This gives your customers more choice.

6. Amazing Product Rendering & Quality

We render your artwork to look as close to the finished product as possible. We ensure that our product quality is consistently top notch. This means your customers are always satisfied!

7. Profile Page

The Wizart

All artists gets a profile page with their entire Paintcollar portfolio

8. Custom URL

custom url

Share your custom URL to direct customers straight to your profile.

9. Sales History

sales history

Every time you make a sale, your sales history is updated and you are notified via email.

10. Monthly Artist Payments

paymentOnce every month we transfer your earnings to your account.

11. Retain Copyrights

You retain complete ownership of all your artwork and are free to modify or remove it at any time.

12. No Campaigns

My T shirt by Bandit

No more hassles about meeting sales goals within a time limit for your T-shirts! We will always process an order no matter the quantity and time when it was placed. Your customers are free from the uncertainty of whether they will receive their T-shirt.

13. Publicity


We regularly publicise our artists’ work through social media, email and our blog. You can also actively promote your own work and profile to get more visibility and sales.

 14. Your Artwork Is Secure

SecurityThe original image you upload is securely stored on our servers and is not accessible to anyone except us for printing purposes. What is seen on the website is a thumbnail of a much lower resolution.

That’s a pretty cool deal, isn’t it? Ready to get started? Here’s a quick video tutorial to show you how it works

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