11 Amazing Artworks That Will Make You Leave Your Houses For PUNJAB!

“Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh”, the popular sikh saying which means that “The Khalsa belongs to God, Victory belongs to God”. Punjabi’s, as we all know are the most admirable and devoted humans who believe in “living life to the fullest.” They always raise the standards in being great dancers, big eaters, unstoppable drinkers and their magnanimity is something that is very cherishable, so much that if you visit a Punjabi’s residence, the food offerings will keep you full till the next day!

They are loud, they are charismatic and they carry their own unique and lovable aura around them, be it  any part of world, and this explains why we almost always have a ‘Singh’ or a ‘Kaur’ in our gang of friends. And who doesn’t need one for we all know that ‘Punjabiyan di vakhri hai shaan’!

Paintcollar has always been believing and concentrating on connecting art with lifestyle. This time in this cool Punjab collection, we bring you the desi-swag and vibrant lifestyle of these ever zealous and convivial troop! Here are some of these artworks created by artists from all over the country available in a variety of products like T-shirts, Phone cases, Laptop skins, Bandanas and canvas posters. Lets start living ….to the fullest NOW!

Funny Drink Quotation by Vinay Sharma

They will be five pegs down, and still great to go!

Ad 1
Available as Phonecase, Laptop skin, coffee mug, Hoodie and Poster

Gabru by Harpreet Panesar

A punjabi Gabru in his SWAG mode ON!

Ad 4
Available as Phonecase, coffee mug and Seamless Bandana


Hulkvinder by Being Indian

Well, they do seem to have a Hulk hidden inside

Ad 9
Available as Phonecase, Laptop skin, Coffee mug and Seamless bandana


Pepe Jeans (Pape Jeans) by Passion

Need a new pair of Pape Jeans maybe?

Ad 8
Available as Phonecase, Laptop skin, Coffee mug and Hoodie


Friends, by Abhijeet Sinha

Five minutes into a conversation with a Punjabi, and you are as good as a sibling!

Available as Coffee mug, Laptop skin, Hoodie and Poster


Singh, by Aman Rajwansh

becoming his enemy, would you like to try?!

Ad 10
Available as T-shirt


 Befikre by Project Kalakari

Eat More, Drink More and Fikre Less, what else do you need?

Ad 5
Available as Seamless bandana, Coffee mug and Phonecase

Nachange Sardar ji naal! Buuuuurrrrrraaahhh by Shallu Narula

Just one dance move out of the list of astounding moves they can pull off

Ad 7 (1)
Available as Phonecase, Laptop skin, Coffee mug and Seamless Bandana

Balle Balle! burrrrraaaahhhhhh by Shallu Narula

Like Bhangra! Daaance like there’s no tomorrow

Ad 11
Available as Phonecase , Laptop skin, Coffee mug, Seamless Bandana, Hoodie and Poster


Piku Singh by Being Indian

Danger 12000 Volts. We have a Punjabi Pikachu here!

Ad 12
Available as Phonecase, Laptop skin, Seamless bandana and Coffee mug


Bullet.Tashan.Swag. by Shallu Narula

…and the journey doesn’t end without a BULLET for them does it?

Ad 3
Available as PhoneCase, Coffee mug, Seamless bandana and Laptop skin

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